25 May 2009

Krishnamurti On Boxing

SW: Do you get some kind of a kick out of watching boxing?

K: A boxer or a wrestler, if he wants to win, must act spontaneously. He can never know in advance the direction from which he is going to be attacked in a match. He must act quickly. There is no time to think carefully and then act. So he has to put aside the machinery of his mind and act without thought.

When your behavior is governed by the dictates of thought then you are merely reacting to the challenges of life. And your life is nothing but a series of such reactions. But there is quite a different way of meeting the challenges of life. There is a great joy when you cease reacting according to thought but start responding to life without it.

"J.Krishnamurti as I Knew Him" by Susunaga Weeraperuma (Page 79)

12 May 2009

New Book By Kairos: On Education

Sobre La Educación

Colección: Sabiduría Perenne
Páginas: 208
Formato: 13 x 20
ISBN: 978-84-7245-705-8
Publicación: Mayo 2009
PVP: 9 euros

Para destacar

Este es uno de los libros más importantes de J. Krishnamurti, resultado de las charlas y discusiones que mantuvo con estudiantes y profesores de Rishi Valley, distrito de Andhra Pradesh, y de Rajghat, distrito de Varanasi, en la India.

Una obra primordial, que propone una renovada y amplia visión de la educación, y que no dejará indiferente a ningún lector, sea profesor, estudiante, padre o cualquiera que se interese por el desarrollo humano.

Completamente diferente a otros intentos por rescatar o sugerir alternativas en el sistema educativo, Krishnamurti resalta la enorme importancia que la educación tiene a la hora de comunicar lo que es básico para la transformación de la mente humana, así como de romper las fronteras entre culturas y tradiciones.

El reto que plantea está enfocado no sólo hacia la actual estructura de la educación, sino también hacia la verdadera esencia de toda persona. De hecho, el fin último de la educación debe ser, en opinión del autor, la creación de una nueva cultura y un nuevo ser humano, lo cual sólo es posible cuando el espíritu religioso y la actitud científica forman parte de un mismo movimiento de la conciencia del individuo.

07 May 2009

South America on Retreat

Much of our publishing work influences and motivates Krishnamurti Enthusiasts to set up centers of study, public libraries, and dialog groups around the world. K Publications in it's mission to support such groups and activities gladly helps to sponsor these activities by donating media in an effort to allow for individualized study in the far corners of the world.

On a recent trip to Brazil, the K Publications Director had the fortune of meeting a man with a vision to build a retreat center on an island off the coast of southern Brazil---with the help of the foundation this library now has a healthy collection of Krishnamurti reading material and a wide selection of DVDs.

"I could never find a way to express all my gratitude for your kind and warm gesture, i just received the package you sent, THANK YOU SO MUCH."
~ Ben R, Brazil

This library is location in a beautiful Health Spa located just steps from the extraordinary Mole Beach on the island of Florianopolis. If you are looking for a place to get away and to study K's readings while basking in the sun then we couldn't think of a better place.

For more information check out the Inner Revolution Retreat.

Don't want to fly to South America, come to the new Krishnamurti Retreat in Ojai for all of the above without the Brazilian sun!


17 April 2009

Krishnamurti in Portugal

Our friends in Portugal have put together a beautiful bilingual publications inspired by Krishnamurti's work.

Download here: Boletim

Great work!

24 December 2008

Happy Holidays from waveTribe, may your holidays be filled with epic surf, good friends and a cup full of cheer.

25 November 2008

How to live happily in this competitive world?

We love to see articles about Krishnamurti on the web and in newspapers, check out this post on Bangkok Today:

Bangkok Today, November 25, 2009

If you come across an article on Krishnamurti please send it our way.

10 November 2008

Frankfurt Bookfair 2008

Frankfurt has long been the most important place for publishers from around the globe to meet and do business. Krishnamurti Publications, being the publishing arm of the foundations, had over 40 meeting with publishers around the world in at FBF 2008.

This year two new team members joined in the trade show festivities, Kirby S. (in picture at above) from the US division and Jerome B. from the UK headquarters (seen below). Derek D was there to help the new staff get accustomed to the long days and cold German nights; Derek's got almost a decade of publishing behind him and is excited to pass along some of his knowledge to the new Krishnamurti publishing crew.

The Krishnamurti Publications booth was extra alluring this year thanks to a donation from a graphics firm in the UK---much appreciation goes out to Francisco at the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust in the UK, designer extraordinaire, for helping to create this wonderful promotional poster for the event.

We met some sensational new publishers this year and also continued to cultivate the many relationships that we have had for over a decade with the publishers in the more developed markets such as France, Germany and Italy. We are very excited to see new activity in the Eastern European countries and the growth we are experiencing in China and Brazil is encouraging.

Though Krishnamurti has been around for decades in some areas of the world people are discovering his works for the first time---our vision at the foundations is to keep Krishnamurti's writings in print throughout the world and to make it available to each new generation. We look forward to this challenge with your support and commitment.

04 November 2008

Krishnamurti Digital Archive

Krishnamurti's works are distributed to the public through K Publications, a collaborative project between the global organizations responsible for the dissemination of Krishnamurti's original and authentic works.

Publications is an extension of our archival program at the foundations and one of the main tasks of the foundation is to digitize all of Krishnamurti's original work. We have split our archives into four major categories; 1) Audio 2) Video 3) Manuscripts and 4) Photographs.

Here is a current snapshot of our progress:

As more of our original content is digitized, we are able to convert it into various forms of media for the public. As you can see from the chart below, we've got several hundred hours of original content that still requires digitizing and as that content is produced into a digital form we will be able to release it to you as DVDs, CDs, streaming media, eBooks and other exciting delivery options.

29 October 2008

Bestsellers at the KPA Bookstore

Relationships, our newest publication in English, has been a bestseller at the K Publications online bookstore since it came out in May of this year! From the same series Books on Living for Teens, as our new Kindle book on Amazon, What Are You Doing with Your Life, Relationships has been in our top 10-15 titles in overall sales for the past 6 months!

Our new "From the Source" DVD's: Looking at Fear, That Extraordinary Jewel and A Dialogue with Oneself, have both continued at the top of our overall bestsellers as they are released one new title per month.

Each disc in the From the Source series is selected from our original unedited archives. Some of this material has already been made available in VHS Video, and now we have updated our format to include a digitalized DVD version.

Analog tapes, be they video or audio, are slowly but surely being replaced by more convenient and economical-to-produce CDs, MP3s and DVDs. We have been begun releasing one new DVD every month from this line, and soon CDs will be added to production as well.

07 July 2008

Cape Town Book Fair, Africa

Many people call Africa the forgotten continent, Krishnamurti himself never travelled to Africa during his lifetime and yet the Foundations recognize the importance of reaching out to all corners of the globe.

K Publications participated in the third annual Cape Town Book Fair in June with the goal of getting Krishnamurti’s material published and distributed into the African market.

After three years of learning about the market and with a few test runs we feel that we have found the right partners to publish Krishnamurti’s work in South Africa and as the market matures we hope to get into other emerging markets on this rapidly changing continent.

In addition to South Africa we have been working with The Learning Foundation in Tanzania where we have donated a crate of Krishnamurti's books on education. The Learning Foundation intends to develop courses on education based on Krishnamurti’s Teachings. The foundation will work with teachers in training and those already in the field including the Education Ministry's Teacher Development Bureau to encourage them to include Krishnamurti’s work in their various syllabi.

Mr Camara, Executive Director of The Learning Foundation, recently wrote us and said, “I am deeply committed to getting the students together in Savannah country to explore nature and make friends.” We are honored to be part of Mr. Camara’s efforts in Africa and we’ll keep everyone updated on the progress that we are making in that region.

I’d like to thank all our Krishnamurti Publications supporters and volunteers; it is through your support and dedication that we have been able to reach peoples across the globe.


Derek Dodds
Krishnamurti Publications