13 December 2006

K Publications

The foundations in England and California are entering a joint approach to publishing that will have one face to the public and to the trade. What will that mean?

First, the foundations will focus the production of international DVDs in Brockwood Park, England. This will remove some of the duplication of effort that was happening between the foundations.

Second, the foundations will work together on joint distribution through out the world of their in-house titles. These are titles that are published directly by the foundations rather than licensed to a publisher.

Third, the foundations will not divide the licensing work by copyright year as previously, but instead each publications person will be able to represent the whole body of K's works to individual publishers, literary agents, distributors, etc.

This will involve having a single rights catalog, a single distribution catalog and a single bookseller catalog; and farther ahead, a single retail catalog and online sales portal.

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