13 December 2006

K videos in your own Site or Blog

If you go to video.google.com and search for "jkrishnamurti.org" you will get a collection of Krishnamurti videos which you can embed in your own blog, website or MySpace page, etc.

To do that, click on the blue button to the right of the video which says "Email - Blog - Post to MySpace" and then click on "Embed HTML". You will need to copy and paste that code into your blog, website, or use the automated links for the several places Google lists.

On jkrishnamurti.org we use QuickTime movies encoded in a video codec known as H.264. It is a very high quality video codec. Google video, YouTube and most other video online providers are now using Flash video because so many computers can play Flash video; however, the quality is not as high. Despite that, having the videos on Google allows us to share them in ways we couldn't do straight from jkrishnamurti.org. For instance, embedding them in your own website, blog, etc.

If you would like to share these videos on your site, I hope you will take advantage of this new possibility.

Michael, Ojai

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