18 September 2007

Peking University Presentation

In 2006, we made the first presentation at Peking University. This year we showed a talk by Krishnamurti, Ojai 1982 Talk # 1, with Chinese simplified subtitles. Then took questions from the audience of mostly students. After the presentation, we had lunch with our friend at Peking University, Prof. Zhang who helped arrange the presentation, and about 10 students who were interested in continuing a conversation.

Some of the questions raised in the Q & A session and the lunch:

  • How did K become such a clear person?
  • If we git rid of all images, will we still be excellent in the world? Doesn't the image of a good husband help me to be a good husband?
  • Is their any practice that can help one to be aware like K is talking about?
  • Do the English words "attention" and "observation" mean the same thing as K uses them? {There was some discussion of the Chinese translation of the word "observation" in the video. Also of the words "Eastern" and "Western" which had been translated as East/West, which seems to not convey in Chinese what was intended by K.)
  • It seems to me that what K is saying is for a few people. Or is it for everyone? If it is for a few people, how can that change the world?
  • I want to know if K was a usual person, because if he was unusual, then I probably can't do what he is talking about.
  • Do people at the foundations have images?
  • What is love?
  • Does understanding oneself influence other people?
  • Is there a difference between influence and propaganda?
  • Isn't the idea of marriage a form of conditioning?
  • Isn't K talking about universal love? Then how can I love just one person?

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