24 January 2008

Article in "News Post India": K and China

J. Krishnamurti Is Growing In Popularity In China

Wednesday 23rd of January 2008
Noted Indian thinker J. Krishnamurti has a considerable following in China where young people are looking at a philosophy that can give them answers from within, says Mark Lee, executive director of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.....

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Please note that the article makes a mis-statement about there being K study centers in China/Tibet. There are no foundation study centers. It's possible that private individuals have book collections they share, and we do know of dialogue groups meeting in China.

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Jackie McInley said...

This is a great web page! Very interesting to have this up to date news. Thank you whoever you are!
I have set up a study and retreat center in the south west of france at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains called OPEN DOOR. There is a small K library and beautiful natural surroundings for study, walking and rest. In order to finance the project there are K gatherings and many other non-K events such as group retreats, Bohm dialogues, language communication and other workshops. web-site: www.opendoorinfo.com