15 January 2008

Krishnamurti in Brazil

The last 2 years have seen a resurgence of Krishnamurti publishing in Brazil. After an entire list of titles went out of print, we were able to form a new relationship with Bestseller and their imprint Nova Era, one of the best houses in Brazil in terms of quality and distribution ability. Most recently, we have reached agreement on bringing out the full three volumes of Commentaries on Living with Nova Era. They previously have published several titles in the last 2 years, including this edition of What Are You Doing with Your Life?

According to the K committee in Brazil, Nova Era is getting the books well-displayed in bookstores.

Speaking of which, we are in discussions with the Brazilian committee, ICK, to publish the 1985 Washington DC Talks, perhaps together with a DVD at some stage .

Currently we are looking to find a publisher for The Book of Life, The Awakening of Intelligence, and The Ending of Time in Brazil as core titles that need to be in print.

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