15 January 2008

News for distribution in English world-wide

The last 2 years we have been working on finding distribution for English titles in different parts of the world. Over the last years trade events at book fairs, we made some headway:
  • Agreement from Distributor in Australia to distribute K titles published by the foundations; distribution for both Australia and in New Zealand.
  • Talks with digital co-publishing company based in England which can distribute books in South Africa and Australia/ New Zealand via digital printing.
  • Initial draft contracts with South African publisher / distributor for English titles in South Africa , and possible distribution into Africa.
  • Initial interest from a publisher / distributor in the areas of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.
  • Initial conversation and interest from a distributor of English titles in China (over 700 outlets.)
  • Agreement for publishing English edition of Education and the Significance of Life in Tanzania with the Africa Learning Foundation.
  • Request for contract from another S.E. Asia publisher with a wide distribution network outside of India.
Where these distribution deals work, we may be able to leverage those contacts in the future into Book + DVD bundles. This means that the joint International DVD project becomes more and more important as a way of coordinating production work.

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