07 July 2008

Cape Town Book Fair, Africa

Many people call Africa the forgotten continent, Krishnamurti himself never travelled to Africa during his lifetime and yet the Foundations recognize the importance of reaching out to all corners of the globe.

K Publications participated in the third annual Cape Town Book Fair in June with the goal of getting Krishnamurti’s material published and distributed into the African market.

After three years of learning about the market and with a few test runs we feel that we have found the right partners to publish Krishnamurti’s work in South Africa and as the market matures we hope to get into other emerging markets on this rapidly changing continent.

In addition to South Africa we have been working with The Learning Foundation in Tanzania where we have donated a crate of Krishnamurti's books on education. The Learning Foundation intends to develop courses on education based on Krishnamurti’s Teachings. The foundation will work with teachers in training and those already in the field including the Education Ministry's Teacher Development Bureau to encourage them to include Krishnamurti’s work in their various syllabi.

Mr Camara, Executive Director of The Learning Foundation, recently wrote us and said, “I am deeply committed to getting the students together in Savannah country to explore nature and make friends.” We are honored to be part of Mr. Camara’s efforts in Africa and we’ll keep everyone updated on the progress that we are making in that region.

I’d like to thank all our Krishnamurti Publications supporters and volunteers; it is through your support and dedication that we have been able to reach peoples across the globe.


Derek Dodds
Krishnamurti Publications

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