29 October 2008

Bestsellers at the KPA Bookstore

Relationships, our newest publication in English, has been a bestseller at the K Publications online bookstore since it came out in May of this year! From the same series Books on Living for Teens, as our new Kindle book on Amazon, What Are You Doing with Your Life, Relationships has been in our top 10-15 titles in overall sales for the past 6 months!

Our new "From the Source" DVD's: Looking at Fear, That Extraordinary Jewel and A Dialogue with Oneself, have both continued at the top of our overall bestsellers as they are released one new title per month.

Each disc in the From the Source series is selected from our original unedited archives. Some of this material has already been made available in VHS Video, and now we have updated our format to include a digitalized DVD version.

Analog tapes, be they video or audio, are slowly but surely being replaced by more convenient and economical-to-produce CDs, MP3s and DVDs. We have been begun releasing one new DVD every month from this line, and soon CDs will be added to production as well.

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