10 November 2008

Frankfurt Bookfair 2008

Frankfurt has long been the most important place for publishers from around the globe to meet and do business. Krishnamurti Publications, being the publishing arm of the foundations, had over 40 meeting with publishers around the world in at FBF 2008.

This year two new team members joined in the trade show festivities, Kirby S. (in picture at above) from the US division and Jerome B. from the UK headquarters (seen below). Derek D was there to help the new staff get accustomed to the long days and cold German nights; Derek's got almost a decade of publishing behind him and is excited to pass along some of his knowledge to the new Krishnamurti publishing crew.

The Krishnamurti Publications booth was extra alluring this year thanks to a donation from a graphics firm in the UK---much appreciation goes out to Francisco at the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust in the UK, designer extraordinaire, for helping to create this wonderful promotional poster for the event.

We met some sensational new publishers this year and also continued to cultivate the many relationships that we have had for over a decade with the publishers in the more developed markets such as France, Germany and Italy. We are very excited to see new activity in the Eastern European countries and the growth we are experiencing in China and Brazil is encouraging.

Though Krishnamurti has been around for decades in some areas of the world people are discovering his works for the first time---our vision at the foundations is to keep Krishnamurti's writings in print throughout the world and to make it available to each new generation. We look forward to this challenge with your support and commitment.

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