04 November 2008

Krishnamurti Digital Archive

Krishnamurti's works are distributed to the public through K Publications, a collaborative project between the global organizations responsible for the dissemination of Krishnamurti's original and authentic works.

Publications is an extension of our archival program at the foundations and one of the main tasks of the foundation is to digitize all of Krishnamurti's original work. We have split our archives into four major categories; 1) Audio 2) Video 3) Manuscripts and 4) Photographs.

Here is a current snapshot of our progress:

As more of our original content is digitized, we are able to convert it into various forms of media for the public. As you can see from the chart below, we've got several hundred hours of original content that still requires digitizing and as that content is produced into a digital form we will be able to release it to you as DVDs, CDs, streaming media, eBooks and other exciting delivery options.

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