25 May 2009

Krishnamurti On Boxing

SW: Do you get some kind of a kick out of watching boxing?

K: A boxer or a wrestler, if he wants to win, must act spontaneously. He can never know in advance the direction from which he is going to be attacked in a match. He must act quickly. There is no time to think carefully and then act. So he has to put aside the machinery of his mind and act without thought.

When your behavior is governed by the dictates of thought then you are merely reacting to the challenges of life. And your life is nothing but a series of such reactions. But there is quite a different way of meeting the challenges of life. There is a great joy when you cease reacting according to thought but start responding to life without it.

"J.Krishnamurti as I Knew Him" by Susunaga Weeraperuma (Page 79)

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Ben said...

On my personal journey of self-discovery it took me almost 32 years to come upon the proof that the connection I felt between Bruce Lee´s views on martial arts, K´s views on life & relationships and myself´s is as real as the joy I feel seeing Bruce Lee in action and hearing, reading K´s words...I can´t help imagining seating side by side with K watching the incomparable plasticity of Bruce Lee in action as I can imagine seating side by side with Bruce Lee hearing the healing words of K...I just can say: THANK YOU BOTH FOR BEING WHAT YOU ARE(TRUTH NEVER DIES)and awakening in me the pure and unchanging desire to pursue truth no matter where it leads.